Healthcare clinics on demand: Interview with Via Sana Real Estate Manager Sibylle Tranzer

All about Via Sana's journey and how Rayon simplified their team's toolkit

Shira Nathan
Shira Nathan
CSM & Senior Content Marketer
Nov 2, 20233 min read
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"Rayon is really easy to use, which is great for us, because we don't have any skills in architecture. We know our job, but we don't have any background in drawing tools."

Who said space as a service is restricted to coworking or coliving? Via Sana is breaking new ground by introducing a game-changing approach to leasing healthcare practitioner clinics, offering flexible solutions that bring healthcare professionals closer to the shared space ecosystem.

The story behind Via Sana

Via Sana, a dynamic startup, is pioneering the "space-as-a-service" mentality in the healthcare industry. Collaborating with professionals from diverse fields, such as psychologists, physiotherapists, doctors, and more, Via Sana offers turnkey rental spaces that are meticulously designed and fully customized to meet the unique requirements of healthcare practitioners. These clinics can be reserved for a day, a month, or even a year, and they go beyond mere physical spaces by fostering a sense of community among healthcare professionals.

The challenge: Processing floor plan files from brokers

Via Sana's real estate team includes five members with vast experience in property analysis and leasing. Nevertheless, as they are not from an architecture background - they needed a simple tool to unlock the ability to edit and extract information from floor plan files, which are often provided in static PDFs, images, and even hand-drawn layouts.

The solution: Empowering Feasibility Studies with a Simple Tool

In response to this challenge, Rayon proved to be the ideal solution for Via Sana's real estate team. Sibylle Tranzer, the Real Estate Manager, highlights that they leverage Rayon's basic and user-friendly features to swiftly perform feasibility studies, arrange and define space layouts, and collaborate seamlessly with other teams. The floor plans created by the real estate team are then passed on to the sales team, aiding in the successful closure of leasing agreements.

"We are using the basic and practical tools of Rayon... Polyline, line, circle, rectangle. And also the scale tool, because obviously, we need to know the exact size and measurements of each space."

The vision of Via Sana

Via Sana currently offers 215 clinics in five cities, catering to a community of over 300 healthcare professionals, with their reach steadily expanding. Their overarching goal is to create the perfect environment for healthcare practitioners to focus on their patients and well-being while Via Sana takes care of the logistics. Via Sana is dedicated to making a positive impact on healthcare by delivering hassle-free, fully equipped clinic spaces tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals.

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