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Let’s keep things simple.

  1. Free
    Give Rayon a try, for free for as long you need.
    Free forever
    • Full edition experience
      Discover all of Rayon’s features.
    • 3 free models
      Create up to three models for free.
    • Up to 5 editors
      Bring your team in and start working together.
    • Limited block library
      Access a limited number of free blocks to enrich your drawings.
    • 7 days model history
      Access your models recent versions
  2. Pro
    Most popular
    Get access to Rayon’s full experience, unlimited libraries and models, publishing capabilities, and much more.
    per month, per editor
    • Everything on Free plan
    • Up to 5 editors
      Bring your team in and start working together.
    • Unlimited models
      Create as many models as you need.
    • Block libraries
      Access Rayon’s growing library with 2000+ blocks for your drawings.
    • Access to all style libraries
      Access all style libraries including textures, hatches and more.
    • Publish libraries
      Create your own block and style libraries and share them within your organization.
    • Publish templates
      Contribute to the community and publish your own templates.
    • Unlimited model history
      Access all of your models versions, anytime
  3. Team
    Enjoy Rayon with larger teams, and get the support you need.
    per month, per editor
    • Everything on Pro plan
    • Unlimited editors
      Bring in as many editors as you need.
    • Premium support
      Get a help from a Rayon expert whenever you need it.
    • Import help
      Rayon helps you to import your drawings.
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Rayon is today using Stripe for billing. All invoices can be found in there, by accessing Stripe through the organization’s settings page.

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