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Use cases

How are the people using Rayon today?

Floor planning

Rayon offers the fastest design experience to draw accurate and beautiful floor plans. Creating a shareable document set has never been easier.

When I create a new proposal for my clients, Rayon helps me work 2 to 3 times faster than I used to, while creating much more professional looking plans!
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Sales Rep @ WOJO

Mood boarding

Rayon’s canvas allows to create rich templates, using images, texturing, and annotations in order to convey your design intent.

Mood boards are an integral part of interior design; with Rayon, the ability to easily blend drawings and image mockups goes a long way to convincing our clients!
photo of Seb
Interior Designer @ ADV


Using our comment, annotation and measurement features, Rayon provides an all-in-one redlining experience, to review, and revise floor plans.

In addition to drawing layouts in the app, we use Rayon as a mean to exchange with clients using comments and annotations. The feedback lop got much faster this way!
photo of Guillaume
Sales Rep @ Live Light
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Space Design
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