A Tale of Circular Furnishing: Interview with Live Light CEO Prisca d’Oultremont

All about Live Light’s journey and how Rayon helped empower their sales team

Shira Nathan
Shira Nathan
CSM & Senior Content Marketer
Oct 11, 20234 min read
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"Our whole library of Live Light furniture is in Rayon, and so we just have to drag and drop the furniture on floor plans... So we can reuse it really fast. And that's what's so nice; when we show the plan to a client, it's really our furniture that's on the plan."

In this new interview with Prisca d’Oultremont, CEO of Live Light, we uncover the fascinating journey of a company that is pushing the envelope of the FF&E world. Live Light's mission revolves around the principles of sustainability and that of the circular economy.

In this interview, Prisca lifts the veils on how Live Light’s offering changes the furniture-for-rent or rent-to-own models, demonstrating that eco-conscious interiors can be both stunning and affordable.

The Story Behind Live Light

Live Light is a furniture rental company, based in Antwerp, and serving a market spanning across the entire Benelux. Their core objective is to reduce furniture waste and set a new standard for sustainable living spaces. Their commitment to offering refurbished furniture as a compelling alternative to buying new pieces is at the heart of their story.

The Challenge: Trusting Refurbished Furniture

Live Light's primary concern is spreading the word about furniture rental, a concept not on everyone's radar today, while positioning this new model as a trustworthy offer. When it comes to furnishing, Prisca acknowledges that not everyone is actively searching for rental options. Awareness is in fact a core aspect of Live Light’s mission.

The most important for this new sector remains to build trust: conveying to new and prospective customers a sense of the quality of their refurbished furniture. To that end, Prisca and Live Light have placed a bet on being able to offer “as new” refurbished pieces of furniture.

The Solution: Sales Empowerment

Building trust with clients has therefore quickly become a key concern across Live Light’s operation. Putting Rayon in the hands of the entire sales team has been a perfect way to empower commercial reps to not only sell, but also act as advisors to clients. Let’s see how.

Live Light adopted Rayon approximately two years ago. The tool's user-friendly nature and intuitive design allowed to onboard sales reps very quickly. Simple, user-friendly, Rayon allowed the whole team to work in autonomy.

Using Live Light's catalogue was also key. In a matter of days, the company has been able to upload its entire catalogue of furniture to the platform; quickly thereafter, sales reps could easily draw floor plans, adding Live Light’s actual items on documents, as block libraries offered a perfect way to store and share objects across drawings.

"We were looking for a tool to help us make professional-looking floor plans to share with clients. Rayon was really intuitive and user-friendly. Our sales managers use it daily, and that was really a fast learning process."

From there, the sales team could simply send floor plans links to customers, and even collect feedback and input using comments and annotations directly in the software. The entire team had turned into a tiny consultancy, as clients could be remotely served with high-quality floor plans, and guided along small ideation cycles.

If building trust in Live Light’s furniture rental model is today a key challenge to tackle for Prisca, Rayon has turned out to be a strong lever of their sales strategy, allowing commercial leads to be converted thanks to remote, on-floor-plan advising.

Live Light’s Vision

Prisca’s vision for Live Light is ambitious: the company wants to raise the bar of sustainability goals even further.

First and foremost, Live Light’s primary goal for the future is to increase refurbishing and product reuse. The company hopes to have around 10,000 reused and refurbished products by the end of the next year. Not only that, but Live Light intends also to diversify its product offering to cater to a wide diversity of styles and customers’ preferences. In Prisca’s vision, the company’s commitment to achieving high sustainable standards should rhyme with taste.

Last but not least, Live Light aspires to expand into new markets, ultimately making sustainable and circular furniture accessible to people worldwide.

If Live Light is unmistakably at the forefront of a transformative movement within the FF&E world, their dedication to sustainability, coupled with the innovative use of tools like Rayon, positions them as pioneers in the quest for a greener and more eco-conscious future. We eagerly anticipate witnessing Live Light’s continued growth and positive impact on the world of furniture.

"Rayon helps us select the right furniture pieces, see which ones fit within a specified area, and ensure that if we deliver someplace, we don't have to re-deliver three times because we chose the wrong products. It's super important, as that's a big cost in our industry."

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