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MedaMorph boat

The MedaMorph boat from Vitra is a versatile meeting room solution that combines style and functionality. Its sleek table design provides a contemporary touch to any interior space, while its spacious layout allows for collaborative discussions and productive meetings.

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The MedaMorph boat is a standout piece in interior design, offering not just a table but an entire meeting room experience. With its generous dimensions and thoughtful layout, it provides a comfortable and inspiring environment for brainstorming sessions, presentations, or team meetings. The seamless integration of technology and connectivity options enables seamless communication and allows for effortless collaboration. Additionally, the boat's sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to any space, making it a perfect choice for offices, conference rooms, or creative environments. Its versatility and functionality make it an excellent investment for enhancing productivity and fostering creativity in various interior design settings.


The category of tables encompasses a wide range of furniture pieces that are essential elements in interior design. Tables serve numerous purposes and can be found in various shapes, sizes, and materials, making them versatile additions to any space. They are not only functional but also aesthetic, acting as focal points or complementing existing decor. From coffee tables in living rooms to dining tables in kitchens, tables play a crucial role in creating a harmonious and practical layout for a room.


Vitra, founded in 1950, is a Swiss furniture company renowned for its iconic designs that blend form and function. Collaborating with globally acclaimed designers, Vitra creates furniture appreciated for its aesthetic appeal and usability.

A core tenet of Vitra's philosophy is sustainability. With a commitment to responsible manufacturing and material choices, the brand minimizes its environmental impact while producing exceptional pieces.

From timeless classics like the Eames Lounge Chair to cutting-edge contemporary designs, Vitra continues to shape the world of interior design with its visionary approach. By merging artistry, functionality, and sustainability, Vitra remains a trailblazer in the furniture industry.

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