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preview of the block Commercial urinal rectangle

Commercial urinal rectangle

This commercial urinal rectangle from Toto is a stylish and practical addition to any bathroom or public restroom. Its sleek design and efficient functionality make it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas, providing a convenient and hygienic solution for individuals to urinate.

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The commercial urinal rectangle from Toto is a versatile and functional object that enhances the interior design of bathrooms and public restrooms. Its compact and rectangular shape allows for space-saving installation, making it suitable for both small and large spaces. The sleek and modern design of this urinal adds an element of sophistication to any setting, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal. In addition to its visual appeal, this urinal also offers practical benefits. It provides a convenient and hygienic solution for individuals to urinate, especially in high-traffic areas where efficiency and cleanliness are crucial. The durable construction and high-quality materials ensure longevity and ease of maintenance, making it a reliable choice for commercial applications. With its combination of style and functionality, the commercial urinal rectangle from Toto is a valuable asset for interior design, creating a modern and user-friendly restroom environment.


The urinal category in interior design refers to a specific fixture used in bathrooms that is designed specifically for urination. These fixtures are typically wall-mounted and are commonly found in public spaces such as restrooms of commercial buildings, restaurants, and entertainment venues. They are essential for providing a hygienic and convenient solution for male users when nature calls.

From an interior design perspective, urinals serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, they help segregate the facilities between male and female users, optimizing restroom management and allowing for efficient use of space. Additionally, urinals are often designed with water-saving features, promoting sustainability. Aesthetically, urinals come in a variety of styles, shapes, and materials, allowing designers to integrate them seamlessly into the overall design concept of a space.

When considering the design of a commercial restroom, the inclusion of urinals is crucial for ensuring a pleasant and efficient experience for male users. Proper placement, spacing, and accessibility are key factors that interior designers analyze when incorporating urinals into restroom layouts. By selecting urinals that blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic and function of the space, designers can create visually pleasing and user-friendly bathrooms that enhance both the efficiency and comfort of the facility.

CAD Blocks

CAD Blocks are essential in modern interior design. They are pre-drawn symbols representing furniture, fixtures, and architectural elements. By inserting blocks into drawings, designers save time and ensure consistency.

Blocks enable quick layout experimentation, fostering functional and visually pleasing designs. They aid collaboration among teams and allow customization, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. These blocks streamline the design process, making them indispensable for modern interior designers.

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