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preview of the block Lift for 12 people

Lift for 12 people

This 12-person elevator from the brand Generic is a valuable addition to any interior design project, providing seamless vertical movement between multiple floors. Its sleek design and efficient functionality make it an ideal choice for modern and sophisticated spaces.

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A Generic elevator, specifically designed to accommodate 12 people, offers unmatched convenience and accessibility in interior design projects. This elevator serves as a pivotal element in creating a seamless flow between floors, providing a practical solution for buildings with multiple levels. With its compact and stylish design, the Generic elevator seamlessly integrates into various interior aesthetics, complementing the overall decor while offering efficient vertical transportation. Whether it's a residential apartment complex, a commercial building, or a hotel, this elevator enhances the functionality and accessibility, ensuring a comfortable and effortless experience for the users. Its reliable performance, quality construction, and advanced safety features make it a prominent choice for interior designers who prioritize both style and functionality. By incorporating this elevator into their designs, interior designers can create spaces that not only exude elegance and sophistication but also prioritize user convenience and mobility.


The elevator is a vertical transportation device that efficiently moves people and goods between different floors of a building. It is a crucial element in interior design as it provides convenient and accessible mobility within a space. Elevators come in various sizes, styles, and designs, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into different architectural concepts and interior aesthetics. They can be found in a wide range of environments, including residential buildings, commercial complexes, hotels, hospitals, and shopping malls.

In interior design, elevators serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. From a functional standpoint, elevators eliminate the need for strenuous stair climbing, providing accessibility and convenience for individuals with mobility limitations, heavy packages, or large loads. They also efficiently connect different levels of a building, optimizing traffic flow and saving valuable time for occupants. Additionally, elevators can contribute to enhancing security and safety measures by controlling access to certain floors or implementing emergency evacuation plans.

From an aesthetic perspective, elevators can be customized to complement the overall design theme of a space. They can be adorned with decorative finishes, such as stylish handrails, paneling, or lighting fixtures, that align with the surrounding interior elements. Elevator cabins can also feature unique flooring, wall treatments, or artwork, creating an engaging and visually appealing experience for users. Furthermore, elevators can be designed to offer panoramic views, incorporating transparent walls or glass exteriors that allow occupants to enjoy the surrounding scenery as they move between floors.

CAD Blocks

CAD Blocks are essential in modern interior design. They are pre-drawn symbols representing furniture, fixtures, and architectural elements. By inserting blocks into drawings, designers save time and ensure consistency.

Blocks enable quick layout experimentation, fostering functional and visually pleasing designs. They aid collaboration among teams and allow customization, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. These blocks streamline the design process, making them indispensable for modern interior designers.

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