Arthur Brongniart joins Rayon, as Senior Frontend Engineer

Arthur Brongniart
Arthur Brongniart
Front end Engineer
Apr 12, 20222 min read
🇫🇷 Arthur Brongniart
🇫🇷 Arthur Brongniart

We are thrilled to welcome Arthur Brongniart at Rayon. Arthur previously worked at Yahoo, Accountable and Dunelm, and lives today in Troyes! We sat down with him to get his take on joining the company…

Of all places, why join Rayon?

A.B: I joined Rayon as I wanted to build exciting new things. And in this respect, I really think I have found my match: Rayon’s tech side is truly fascinating! Beyond the tech, I also believe it has the potential to become a beautiful product.

Another reason is that I was looking forward to work with talented people! To learn new skills, and to have a nice and conformable work environment, which I tend to have missed in my previous job, working 100% remotely. Rayon gives me the flexibility to have a hybrid work setting, halfway between Troyes and Rayon’s HQ in Paris.

You are a Senior Frontend Engineer, designing a space design software: it is oddly specific! Why this job, why this topic?

A.B: It’s great to see web-tech solving real world issues. I believe Rayon is tackling a truly complex problem, which really pushes the boundary of what can be achieved with a simple browser.

Applying my Frontend skills to this topic is an exciting prospect! As to “why architecture?”, actually, I can’t say that I knew a lot about professional architecture tools in the first place. What drawn me to this topic is maybe the general aesthetic of floor plans, which has always been fascinating to me!

We all have a side gig, what’s yours?

A.B: I like to craft with 3D and AR experiences on the web. Recently, I challenged myself to fill a wall with small drawings, it’s usually what I do when I am not behind a computer. Another side project was to build a collaborative playlist app with at Tracktl. Actually, people eventually started using it at events! Maybe a last project I would like to mention is Snk: it in fact just crossed 1k GitHub star!

Last but not least: What’s the best thing you’ve ever programmed?

A.B: I had some fun participating in game Jams or events of that sort. One project I am actually very proud of the result of is this one: It’s a game in a museum maze with hints, challenging the user’s knowledge on famous painting.

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